The Ultimate
Club Houdini event


120K viewers


Within the top 10

In Prime Time
from 2017 to 2019!

3 seasons

of 11 episodes


Board games


Magic kits


International audience

El Club Houdini's RoadShow-Escape Room is perfect for the whole family, and especially designed for the little ones.

Inspired by the Disney Channel's Club Houdini show, this event is fully configurable:

Choose the exterior finish you like best, the size that best fits your space and the activity that best suits your audience.

Plus, you can double the fun by taking TWO rooms instead of one.

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Five friends (Martina, Nacho, Tamara, Mateo and Andrés) discover an abandoned house where they meet the great escapist Houdini, who will give them clues to find a treasure. Only with teamwork and a good use of their intelligence will they manage to unravell the secrets that will lead them to the long-awaited prize.

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